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Been involved in photography for nearly forty years. Shot professionally at various times throughout those years… but mostly just for the pure joy of it . A former member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC). Now days I shoot mostly for stock and for personal projects — completely taken with Mediterranean Europe — travel there every chance I get. I also get a kick out of teaching, and so I put on workshops from time to time… some locally (visual design and composition, digital colour management and digital work-flow). I've been an instructor with Bryan Peterson's online school (www.bpsop.com) since its beginnings in 2008. I also conduct an annual workshop in Provence and starting in 2017, Tuscany as well.

More than anything though, I think of myself as a amateur in the original sense… an enthusiastic life-long learner. Almost forty years in, and I know I’ve only scratched the surface. Still excited! Still wake up each morning and fall asleep each night, thinking about photography.

As for equipment : I’m a complete brand agnostic. I just don’t care any more… the image is all that matters. When asked about the merits of one brand over the other, or which lens buy next… I shrug my shoulders; the only piece of equipment that really matters is the one 6 inches behind the camera

In our media saturated world, I’m still amazed by the power of the still image to command our attention… to evoke emotion: Joy. anger, compassion, and even at times to galvanize a nation or the world to action. Susan Sontag wrote in her book, “On Photography”,

“Photographs may be more powerful than moving images…
because they are a neat slice of time, not a flow.”

The power and continuing relevance of still images derives from this ability to capture the brief and all too ephemeral moments in life holding them frozen in time for forever.